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The Long View
The Long View by Matthew Kelly
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  Matthew Kelly


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The Long View

In this small volume, the celebrated author and speaker Matthew Kelly succinctly presents his reflections on one of life’s most important lessons. In doing so, he demonstrates what he has revealed to us again and again through his work: He has taken the time to think on life’s biggest questions so that he can present his findings to us in ways that make sense in our everyday experience of life and at the same time stir our souls.

Do you take the long view? Do you take the short view? Do you even know? Are you aware when you are taking the long view or the short view? How would your life be different if you became a student of the long view?

At a time when instant gratification no longer seems fast enough, The Long View invites us to step back from the endless hustle of our busy lives and question whether we are on the right path.

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